Telecommunications / Media

Telecommunication / media’s explosive growth in recent years, most especially with the coming of digital/internet technologies, has provided lots of opportunities for businesses in this industry. Along with these growth opportunities, however, there are emerging issues that create some challenges for businesses and that include debt/payment collections issue. There is so much competition in the telecommunication industry that it is relatively easy for customers to just switch providers and leave outstanding payment obligations / debts behind. Thus, assistance from credible debt collection agency to recover outstanding dues can be a very big help in realizing your business goals.

FAMS has provided debt collection services for a number of telecommunication providers for decades now. With a highly strong collections infrastructure, organization, and culture across our different call centers (contact support center), you can rest assured that deliverables are sent in a very efficient manner.

Here’s the scope of services we provide in the Telecommunications/Media industry:


    • Local Residential and Small Business Land Line
    • Residential and Small Business Long Distance


    • Consumer and Small Business


    • Residential Landline – DSL
    • Entertainment and Business Content and Equipment


    • Residential Landline – DSL


    • Commercial Land Line
    • Other Advertising and Equipment


    • Entertainment Content and Equipment


    • Entertainment Content and Equipment


    • Advertising
  • FAMS is an amazing company to work for. The leadership and staff at FAMS has treated me like family from day one. The best part of FAMS is that they care about you and your success. I started as a collection specialist and was promoted to the Accounting Department family. Thanks FAMS!

    C. Aranda
  • I'm happy to be at FAMS, simply because of the support system everyone has a willingness to help! Real Team players! I came in feeling like the new girl, left feeling like a part of the family! Thank you FAMS! I love it here!

    J. Batts
  • I am happy to be at FAMS because of the management team I work for in St. Charles. Mike and all the management staff have been very supportive over my time here. One of my favorite things is that while I have been at FAMS, I have been able to use my bonus checks to purchase my own home.

    L. Brickey
  • When FAMS was the only agency to hit their Student Loan goal for the month of September, I received an appreciative e-mail from Jerry Hogan.  It was a great feeling to know the owner of the company took the time to send an email telling us we did a good job.   

    T. Murrell