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Successful collection programs are a direct result of strong, experienced, customer-oriented and ethical management teams backed with superior resources and focused on results. FAMS employs a management team with years of industry experience and a reputation for putting client concerns first.

Jerry Hogan

Owner and Chief Executive Officer

Jerry Hogan became co-owner of FAMS in January 2017. Prior to being named owner, he served in the roles of Vice President and CEO of FAMS since January 2003.

With more than 30 years of experience in the accounts receivable management industry, Jerry is a key influence in the overall management of FAMS, and is the driving force behind the company’s competitive posture in the collection industry. Throughout his career, he has provided invaluable performance improvements utilizing technology, quality assurance and regulatory compliance. Jerry has successfully managed various government contracts as well as a diverse client base in both healthcare and financial services, providing support and leadership at all stages of the collection and customer care cycles.

Jerry is a father, a technology enthusiast and one of the most approachable CEOs you’ll ever meet.

Tim Farmer

Owner and Chief Financial Officer

Tim Farmer became co-owner of FAMS in January 2017. Prior to becoming owner, he has served as Controller and then CFO of FAMS since February 2007.

Tim Farmer is a Certified Public Accountant with more than 25 years of accounting and collection experience. As FAMS’ CFO, Tim has provided leadership using a strategic approach. He ensures that FAMS operates and maintains compliance with regulatory and corporate policies throughout FAMS’ accounting and financial operations. Tim has been instrumental in creating a new vision for FAMS after stepping into ownership in January 2017.

Tim is married with two children, enjoys an early morning jog, is a military veteran and has a passion for country music.

Kevin Inches

Vice President of Operations

Kevin Inches is FAMS’ Vice President of Operations. As Vice President of Operations, Kevin has been responsible for significant advances in the development and implementation of collection strategy and staff development.

Since joining FAMS in 2004, Kevin has effectively managed a high volume of inventory for government, healthcare and financial services clients resulting in a high level of competitive performance, while maintaining compliance with federal and state regulations.

Kevin is married with children and is a self-proclaimed foodie with an appetite for adventure.

Sharon Stickles

Senior Vice President of Sales

Sharon Stickles is FAMS’ Senior Vice President of Sales. Sharon is responsible for client acquisition and had shaped FAMS’ internet presence, on boarding strategy as well as client and consumer-facing marketing. Sharon has been a valued FAMS’ team member since September 2006 but began a career in Project Management, Client and Contract Administration in 1978.

Sharon has been lauded and recognized by clients for her dedication to providing superior client service. As the Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Mrs. Stickles is dedicated to increasing FAMS’ client base, while maintaining stellar client relationships.

Sharon is a jet-setter with a great appreciation for nature and an even greater appreciation for people.


It is FAMS’ mission to gain a full understanding of our client’s accounts receivable management needs and requirements in order to customize our services and provide the desired results. FAMS is proactive in the search for better and more profitable solutions for our clients.

At FAMS we work to sustain our leadership position, with integrity, in the collection industry while strategically growing our business profitably for the benefit of our clients, employees and investors.

FAMS believes that business relationships are established on trust, commitment, and ease of doing business. We believe maintaining and cultivating those relationships is achieved by exceeding performance objectives, maintaining a zero tolerance for complaints, and by providing the best customer service in the industry.

FAMS is a client-centric service company. Our philosophy encompasses the reliability, responsiveness, respect and resourcefulness necessary to exceed our clients’ expectations.

PCI Compliant
Financial Asset Management Systems, Inc. is a BBB Accredited Collection Agencies in Tucker, GA